What We Do


We define development as the realization of a site’s potential. REID’s contribution to that is a full spectrum of services, from market analysis and site acquisition, to consultant selection and construction management. When a site becomes offices for expanding companies or start-ups, desirable residences, distinctive retail shops, or a combination of the three, the potential has been realized. At that point, development takes on new meanings—progress, growth, assets, profit, success—and we begin the cycle again, identifying opportunities to improve the cities where we work and live while generating favorable returns for our investors.



Whether existing buildings, distressed properties, or vacant land, REID conducts a detailed analysis on every investment opportunity to ensure that both the property and its location can support growth. We negotiate the acquisition terms and instruments, provide property management and vigilant stewardship, and then develop ideal exit strategy scenarios to maximize returns.



REID provides diligent property management services for office, multifamily residential, industrial, and mixed use buildings. Our comprehensive array of services includes accounting, maintenance, tenant relations, budgeting, and cash flow analysis. With efficient and proven operations procedures and proactive attention to maintenance and leases, we have achieved and sustained above-market occupancy rates



For every property that we’ve acquired, REID has researched hundreds of other opportunities. Each potential acquisition must meet the strict criteria we set for value and performance. In the case of distressed properties and debt acquisitions, we are experts at identifying underperforming assets, analyzing their potential, and executing strategic plans to improve performance and increase returns.