Feature Projects

Feature Projects The Yard at Ivanhoe (formerly Ivanhoe Place)

The Yard at Ivanhoe (formerly Ivanhoe Place)


Orlando, FL

REID found this site located near Lake Ivanhoe, and handled market research, negotiated purchase terms, performed due diligence, and managed the closing. REID also managed the project design and governmental approvals for significant road and infrastructure improvements that added value. We are currently managing site work/construction. This project was designed by Baker Barrios Architects.

  • Mixed use project with 591 residential apartments and ~50,000/SF of neighborhood retail
  • Development site located at Alden Road and Virginia Drive near beautiful Lake Ivanhoe
  • “Where the industrial heritage, the established neighborhood, and the creative clientele come together in an authentic way to create a great place.”
  • The development will have modern architecture styles blended with traditional elements from the neighborhood’s character.
  • Find out more about the project at the following website: www.theyardivanhoe.com


Location: Orlando, FL